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Morning coffee

Late nights and early mornings. Slowly waking up to another day in a bed so warm, being held and feeling safe. Slowly waking up to the sound of the roosters crowing. The sun beaming through the window blinds and its light trying to peak through. Hearing snores, eyes still closed, and bodies close together,  it was a morning of happiness and smiles. 

Slowly waking up to the sound of the roosters crowing.

A house filled with love and smell of roasting coffee. Saying morning prayers. Prayers of praise and gratitude. Prayers for family and friends. For God to protect them, to heal them, and to bring peace in their lives. Prayers of healing. Prayers for the world. Prayers to the man who hurt her, the man she once loved. For God to protect him, to heal and to bring peace to the heart she saw was filled with so many emotions. To the person who was lost. Prayers to be ready to love the man God has planned. Her future husband. Prayers of love. Prayers of forgiveness. 

Slowly waking up to the sound of the roosters crowing. 

It was a morning of wandering thoughts and feelings of being able to share an untold story. Stories to inspire and empower. Stories to help the broken. Stories to encourage.

It was a morning of prayer. It was a morning of peace. It was a morning of realization.. 

To Create. Create an art. To Create a story.

To inspire.

To motivate.

To Reveal. Reveal the art. To Reveal the story. 

To encourage.

To empower.

Slowly waking up up the roosters crowing.

Slowly waking up to the smell of roasting coffee.

It was another day to be thankful for. Another day to help and be involved in a community of need. A day to be blessed... And to be happy.  


Another Day