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Another Day

The sun begins to peak through a night of dreams and sparkling stars. Dreams that are either remembered or forgotten. It was a night of being dosed off into a mode of relaxation. A restful night. The sky slowly turns to a layer of colors. Red, orange, purple, blue... As she starred at the beautiful sky, a sky that looked like a portrait. An art that was captured live. She took a moment to adore the beauty of God's creation.

As she took a sip of her hot steamy glass of green tea, as the glass slowly hit the surface of her lips, as her eyes starred across the beautiful landscape that appeared out her window...  She took a moment to witness an art that would soon fade away.. As the clouds slowly moved across the sky. As the birds flew in its flock and airplanes made way to their destination, it was another day to fulfill a dream she longed for. It was another day to work hard towards her goals. A day to be involved in the community. Another day to be motivated. Motivation to continue her journey in finding her way through this crazy world she lives in. Her journey to fulfill her dreams, goals, and ambitions. It was another day to be inspired. 

Morning coffee