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It's crazy to think how much can change and what can happen in just a short amount of time! Let the change and the success be a motivator for you to keep working hard. Forget how long it'll take, just keep doing what you need to do to get where you want to be. If you want something bad, work for it. Nothing in this life is made to be easy. 

Chase the dream and don't look back.

Stay focused and determined. 

You only get what you put in: time, attention, determination, and motivation. 

"Get motivated and get moving. Dreams only become reality when you work for it. "


Photographed by : Jaime-Lynn


S   T   Y   L   E   : 

Hat    :    American Apparel 

Black top  :    Express

Pants  :    Charlotte Russe

Choker   :   Claire's 



Cheers to 2017.

Cheers to 2017.