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A Fashionista's Challenge.

A Fashionista's Challenge.

28 Day Blog Post Challenge:

Day 1

Is it just me or who else feels like time is moving way too fast? I can't believe it's already February! I hope the year is treating you well!

I've recently shared my goal for the month which was to post for 28 days, the entire month of February. And.. well... the time is here! If you're reading this, I appreciate you! Thank you for following my journey and for your support! 

I often get asked where I shop or what's my favorite store. Truth is, my favorite place to shop for ANYTHING, is Ross and Target. Ross is the first store I always check out before online shopping, checking out local stores, or the mall. I'm a hunter for good deals and Ross never seems to fail me. In addition, I like to challenge myself, especially when it comes to shopping and spending money. I'm not one to really splurge on myself either. So I like to give myself

a budget,

a game plan,

and a mission.

Whether it'd be focused on a specific style or if I'm trying to find shoes for an outfit I already have, etc. By allowing yourself to have a budget, it helps you to stay focused on what you came to find, as well as not overspending. And when you have that game plan, a budget, and a mission BEFORE you go into Ross.. you'll be amazed with just how much you can get. That goes the same for Target. 

Are you like me where you plan to go to Target for ONE thing.. or maybe creates a list of items you plan to get and nothing else, BUUUUUUT, ALWAYS come out buying more than you planned?? YES, that is me all the time when I go to Target. Target has everything. They have cute clothes, home furniture, office supplies, food, EVERYTHING! So for me, I have to have a budget or have that mind set in just buying what I need, because I can probably spend my entire paycheck at Ross and Target LOL. 

I encourage you to set a budget for yourself and have a game plan ready before you shop for anything. 

You'll be amazed with 1. how much you can save and 2. how much you can get. I hope you all have an amazing day!

What's your favorite store? 

Love all.

Love all.