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Words for Sister.

Words for Sister.

Dear Sister, 


I dedicate my first blog post of 2018 to wish you a very special Happy Birthday. I am so proud to watch you become the strong, humble, and god fearing woman that you are. I write this post to share some advice that you can look back on any moment in time. It's typical to say you've been a blessing but I want you to know that YOU ARE A BLESSING. You've been my shoulder to cry on, my motivator, encourager, supporter, therapist, work out partner, and partner in crime. As I write this post, I want you to remember to:

1. Never lose faith or sight of God. Continue growing as you are with your walk with God and when you reach a moment where your heart is heavy, your thoughts full of questions, and feel like crying; remember that everything in life has a reason. Although we don't have the answers to everything, God leads us in a way that is for him and reveals everything in his time.


2. Continue being the loving person that you are. You have the biggest heart I know and I hope that never changes. You bright up any room you walk into and have a contagious laugh. You have the heart to help those that are hurting and take time to listen to those who are going through a lot. 

3. Remember that your happiness comes first sometimes and there should be times where you just focus on you. Although you have the heart to try and please everyone and put others before yourself, I want to remind you that sometimes focusing on you is just as important as lending a helping hand. Be happy. Make yourself a priority as you would with school, work, etc. 

4. Follow your heart. We live in a world where we are pretty much told what, when, and how we should live our lives. We're from a culture where we are pressured thinking we have to have things down or done at a specific age/time. However, I remind you to just follow your heart. Although it's great to have a time line of when you want to accomplish things, remember that God's plan comes before your own. Follow your dreams, follow what god calls you to do, and never let anyone tell you otherwise. 

5. Live life. See the world and explore the possibilities. Step outside your comfort zone and I encourage you to do things you thought you'd never do.


(To my younger siblings that read this, I encourage the same for you and I love you! To anyone who reads this in general, I wish and encourage the same for you and thank you for taking your time to read this post!)

And lastly, I want to remind you that you can do and be anything you put your heart and mind to. Never stop dreaming big. I wish you a very special birthday with more years to come! I'll always be the older overprotective sister and will fight/ protect you no matter how old we get. Thank you for being my bestfriend and my sister. Love you!  

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